Harper Fox (harperfox777) wrote,
Harper Fox

Guess the Author - round 3 - I have winners!

I'm really excited that so many of you came along and took part in our celebrations and competitions around the release of Comfort & Joy. Thank you all so much. I am now pleased to announce my four competition winners for Guess the Author, and they are:-

Elin Gregory
Susana Perez
Roger Grace

(Rodney Batterman, you were my fourth correct entry, but you won in one of the other author's lists too - congrats! :)

Congrats to the four of you! Please email me at harperfox777@yahoo.co.uk and tell me which book from my backlist you would like, and in which format. I have mobi, epub and pdf. You can check out the goodies on offer here:-


Again, a big thank you to everyone for playing along and making our launch day so much fun.


Harper xxx

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