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Guess the Author - Round 3


Having fun, everybody? Yes? Well, we'll soon put a stop to all that. LOL! Not really. My fellow Comfort & Joy anthologists hope you're having a wonderful time. Here's the next round for you...

Match the correct Author to the following lines. NOTE: We are getting increasingly tricksy. These lines are NOT from the anthology Christmas stories. So here you are simply matching style (or your knowledge of our backlists) to the quote. We’re not so cruel as to make you name the work itself.
The first four people to come up with the correct match win their choice of ebook from any one of our backlists BARRING the new stories in this anthology. ;-)

1 – “Him, the Guardians. It makes no difference,” X snapped. “What does it matter who uses you up? Do you think it feels better to get destroyed by a good guy than a bad guy?”
 2 – “He told me to keep my castrated Christian carcass out of his sight until I’d learned what a real man was.”
3 - Leaves stirred, whispering, though there was no breeze. The arbor seemed uncannily alive. Pale petals drifted down like snow, and wings beat the air as birds swooped from one bower to the next. At the base of the trees, frogs’ voices croaked in cheerful disharmony, the changing timbres like the huffing and puffing of different-sized bellows.
4 - Those were five words I wouldn’t string together in this lifetime: Sorry I had your dad.
Your possible choices are:
Josh Lanyon
Harper Fox
LB Gregg
Joanna Chambers

Answer in the comment section below.

You can only win once, but you can enter all four rounds. The next and final round is over at Joanna Chambers. I believe she’s in her wee tartan hoose right the noo baking up shortbread for us. Click the link to continue the game! :)

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