Harper Fox (harperfox777) wrote,
Harper Fox

Last Line at Last

Finally I've got round to re-issuing Last Line under my FoxTales imprint. It's in review on Amazon now, so look out for it there in about 12 hours' time (although I hear from some authors that their books have gone live for sale before KDP has notified them) and I hope to find time this evening to load it up onto Smashwords and All Romance ebooks. I'll post all the buy links for you once I have them. I'm really pleased to have Mike and John out there once again - it's taken me long enough!

Having said that, at the risk of undermining my own sales, I'd say that if you bought the original Loose Id version, you probably don't need to reinvest in the new edition. The book was what it was, and as I went through it, like any author looking at her work from a few years ago, I saw a whole load of stuff I could have changed. But because it's already been published and I have new projects on hand, I settled for reclaiming a few UK spellings, fixing some commas and correcting Michael and Anzhel's Russian with the help of a very kind and linguistically talented friend. Otherwise it's the same book, although I personally think that Lou Harper's gorgeous cover art might be worth the price of readmission. :-D

Anyway, watch this space for those buy links!

Love, H xxx 

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