Harper Fox (harperfox777) wrote,
Harper Fox

I have winners!

Thank you all so much for entering my little competition to win a signed copy of Brothers. Honestly, it kills me just to have to pick two of you, and I’m truly honoured that so many of you took part. In fact poor little Lucy told me it was too much responsibility for her, and I didn’t trust my hat to be impartial, so in the event I put everyone’s names into a random name-picker. Lucy had a fit of the vapours and I too now need a little lie down. But I’m delighted to announce that the winners are... one from Facebook and one from LJ...
Cris Stanfill
and Luis Simoes Pereira!
Cris, Luis, just email me your land addresses at harperfox777@yahoo.co.uk, and I’ll pop your prizes into the post for you. Tell me if there’s any special name you’d like in the dedication. Once again, thanks to everyone who entered! There will be one more copy up for grabs soon over at Sinfully Sexy Book Reviews when Mark sets up a great big giveaway there - I'll keep you posted.
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